What is the Link Building?

Link building is one of the fundamental practices on which Off page SEO is based. It consists of getting inbound links to our website (backlinks) that help us increase their relevance and authority, as well as improve the organic positioning of certain keywords.

The more links that go to our website from external sites, the more visibility Google will give to our page. Of course, this is only as long as those external sites are of quality. It could be said that in link building, that quantity without quality loses credibility. And Google loves credibility.

The links are embedded within the so-called anchor text, which is the word or phrase in which users click on to visit the link. To choose the right anchor text we must first establish our goal. If what interests us is to give power to a keyword, then using it as anchor text is the most appropriate. In this way, it will increase the relevance of the page to which the link points for searches related to that keyword.

Another technique can be to focus the link campaigns to the transfer of authority, that is, emphasize the keywords in the anchor text.

When and how to publish them

When publishing Link Building links, always keep in mind the time to do it and where to do it. It is better to space the links over time, leaving at least three days between the links, or, to be more precise, what is most appropriate is to plan a monthly campaign in which at most one or two per week are scheduled. It is essential to avoid massive numbers of links in short periods of time. As for the content of where to include the links, they need to be as natural as possible (avoid at all costs the clearly promotional texts) so that it is not noticeable that they are part of a strategy to improve our positioning. The backlinks must be in a related context (it does not make sense that a website for shoes receives thousands of links to recipe blogs, for example).

It is also important that the websites that link to us vary.  Google values ​​naturalness and punishes artificial patterns. If a site links to us every day, they will deduce that surely, we are paying for it. Ideally, if it is within our control, do not repeat the websites that put a backlink to ours for at least two or three months.

How to win link building links

  • Observe the competition: analyze whether your competition has come out in some medium and then go to these medium to see if there is the possibility that they can also publish our links. If they have done it before with someone else from the sector, why would not they do it with us?
  • Contact the media that interests us: another option is to go directly to the website where we are interested in appearing and ask them to include some of our links in its content;  it could work, although you might have to agree on a price to achieve it.
  • Search for mentions: with Google alerts we will know if any media has mentioned us on their page, and we can take advantage of this to request that they include us.  If they have already mentioned us before, then they will have more interest in doing so.
  • Create the content ourselves: if we create the content with the links already included, we can offer it directly to the website as quality content for publication, saving them the work of creating it.
  • In search of broken links: offering our links as an alternative to the broken links we see in the content of relevant websites may be another option.
  • Press releases: sending press releases about our actions or news to the media increases the chances of getting links.
  • Include infographics: visual content generates great interest among users, so creating attractive infographics with interesting and timely topics is also a good opportunity to link to us as a source.
  • Pay for content with links: the fastest way to get links is to pay for them. But, be careful! It cannot be just any media or content, even if it is paid. It must be presented in the most natural way possible, so you have to choose the media  well and make sure that the content adds value and is related to the link. In short, it should not look like an advertising publication.